Importance of Self-Care Plans

As adults we’re expected to balance a number of activities – work, school, home life, social life, and relationships.

Juggling numerous activities without a plan can lead to increased stress, anxiety, or burn out.

Self care is a practice that can help you manage the stresses that already exist in your life, and can help you cope with future stress when they do arise.

Assess Your Self Care Level

There are different ideas about self care so start by looking at your own self care levels.

Think about a typical week and think about all the times you took a moment just for yourself.

Note how frequent you engage in self care activities, pay attention to the duration and the different types of activities you do.

Recognize small things as well such as buying something you want online, stopping at your favorite coffee shop for a latte, enjoying a delicious pastry, or even playing games on your phone.

Create a baseline for what you deem as “normal self care”. Just being aware of your regular engagement in self care activities can make you realize how little time you spend on yourself and if you need to incorporate a self care plan.

Common Self Care Plans

Typical Self Care Plans have goals like:

  • Managing Current Stress
  • Taking Care of Emotional Needs
  • Maintaining Psychological Health
  • Activities to Maintain Physical Health
  • Self Care in a Professional Workplace
  • Making Time to be Creative and Play
  • Creating an Equilibrium Across Different Activities You Balance
  • Fostering Great Relationships You Can Turn to for Support

Goal of Self Care

The goal of self care isn’t just about limiting the events that cause you to stress, it’s also about managing yourself so that you can balance life to prevent future stress from becoming overwhelming.
Here’s how to create a Self Care Plan that’s catered to your personal life.

Self care isn’t about self-indulgence, it’s about preserving your well-being.

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  • This is a super near and dear topic to my heart as I have social anxiety. I’ve had to come up with plans to practice being in large groups as well as learning to deal with awkward 1-1 situations. Then when my anixiety gets bad, I’ve had to schedule “me time” to decompress somewhere I am comfortable. Its really hard sometimes but I love that you’re speaking out about it!

  • Great post! It is so important to take care of yourself, and to remember to relax and preserve your well-being!


    This is such an important topic. It is needed so much nowadays. Making time for yourself is so important. Agree completely.

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