How To Create a Self Care Plan

If it’s difficult for you to maintain a constant balanced lifestyle, creating a Self Care Plan will help you manage your current lifestyle and help you cope with future stress.
Here’s some easy tips on creating your own Self Care Plan.

1. Identify Self Care Goals

It’s important to assess your current Self Care Level. Consider self care activities you currently engage in, and identify other areas that need improvement. Self Care areas can include:

Are there activities you currently do to support your overall well-being in those categories? Are you more active in some areas than others? Determine if there’s an area that needs work.

2. Reflect

Think about your current activities for self care. Is what you’re currently doing working? What isn’t working? What can you do to add positive self care activities into your life?

3. Create a Self Care Plan

Make a plan for an area that you want to work on and jot the plan down in your calendar or daily planner. Aim to incorporate a positive activity in that area that you can implement on a continual basis.
For example, if an area you want to work on is your Physical Health, a positive activity could be “include more vegetables” or “sleep 8 hours a night”.

Your Self Care plan doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. The goal is to create a plan that is realistic.

Here are some simple Self Care Plan templates.

Template 1

self care plan template

 Template 2

self care plan template

Template 3

4. Implement your Plan

Try to implement one activity in each area once a week. Build a plan that suits your life by making positive changes that are small but doable. Don’t let your self care plans create even more stress.

5. Evaluate

After trying out your Self Care Plan for a month or two, step back and gauge your progress. Is your plan successful in creating a more balanced lifestyle?

If you’re losing motivation to pursue your plan, consider whether the activities you’re implementing are the best for you, or if you need to find a different activity that works better.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Implement your Plan for a month or two and then reevaluate your plan. Revise your plan as needed.

Helpful Tips

  • Set reminders in your daily planner, putting post-its around the house, or posting your plan on the fridge so that your Self Care Plan isn’t forgotten.
  • It takes at least 6 weeks let any activity become a habit. Don’t get discouraged if you forget about your plan. It takes time.
  • Create a Self Care Plan that you look forward to accomplishing. The goal of creating a plan is to increase your overall well-being, not create another set of tasks that become a chore to check off.

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  • Ashley Sutton

    This is so thought out and helpful. Self Care is SOOO important!

  • Such a great, informative post!

  • I have anxiety also. I love this outline for self-care!! So often we forget these things!

  • Zesty Olive

    Great layout of how to reflect and create your plan! I appreciate the visuals! I notice the ADDIE framework in there – analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate. Are you a teacher? 😉

  • Beautifully written, and this article is full of tips that I would consider using them daily. I will make a suggestion to you. Maybe change the color of bold titles and statements to another colour so it will be easy to your reader’s eyes. Other than that, this was perfect.

  • Ophelia Tang

    Your post is so insightful. This will definitely help me to keep my work week in balance and get some me too while I am busy. Thanks for sharing.
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • As someone with anxiety, self-care is absolutely essential to my health. I definitely have a self-care routine, but I hadn’t considered making a self-care plan before! I love the idea of thinking about my goals and then evaluating how I can add self-care into different parts of my life. -Emmi,

  • Kristyn

    I did something similar to this when choosing my goals for this year. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I came up with what I wanted to achieve in each level of my life. My anxiety has been much more manageable with episodes fewer between. Here’s a link to the post I wrote about it in case you want to check it out!

    P.S. Your drawings are quite charming 🙂

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