Head To A Beach For Some Healthy Vitamin Sea

I have heard in the past that people who live near a beach have less stress and anxiety than those who live inland. I recently read an NBC article titled “What the Beach Does To Your Brain”. The article reports that people who live near the coast are healthier physical and mentally than those who don’t.

I researched the theory behind these claims and found that the color blue has been associated with feelings of calm and peace. Melodic ocean noises also calm individuals. Rhythmic ocean sounds also helps put the brain in meditative state and activate parasympathetic nervous system which allows the body to fully relax.

Being at the beach can also have a placebo affect. We are conditioned to think of the beach as a place for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Knowing that the beach is a place for relaxation can make us instantly calm when near the beach.

Even though I’m not an avid swimmer, I love spending time at the beach. Lying in the sun engulfed in a good book, listening to the ocean, hearing birds flying above, and breathing in the ocean breeze is my kind of relaxation.

Even though my stress doesn’t permanently disappear at the beach, I do notice that the beach gives my brain a break and the anxious thoughts get quieter.

If you live near the coast and notice yourself anxious and stressed, head to the nearest beach for a little Vitamin Sea!

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