Self Care Ideas for Emotional Health

Creating a Self Care Plan is more than just creating a list to check off. It’s the constant repetition of engaging in activities that soothes you and ensures that you’re operating at your optimum.
Here’s some Self Care Activities to maintain your Emotional Health.

Cuddle with a Pet

Having a pet can help decrease blood pressure and reduce stress. There is also a physical benefit by taking your pet on a walk.

Snuggle Under a Blanket

Engaging in self care activities that stimulates one of our five senses increases mindfulness and makes us aware of the present.

Practice Gratefulness

Gratitude reduces toxic emotions such as resentment, frustration, and envy. Gratitude is also an effective way to increase happiness.


Writing out your thoughts on paper can help you process your feelings as an observer. Write anything that comes to mind to release stress and worry.


This is a unique strategy to take care of your emotional health. Laughter helps reduce stress by stimulating many organs. Laughter oxygenates the heart, lungs, and muscles, increasing endorphins that the brain releases. Laughing (even if it’s forced at first) can make you happier.


Indulge in a project or activity just for yourself without guilt. Having some “me-time” allows you to feel peaceful and worthy of self indulgence without judgment. We can be so focused on taking care of everyone else during the day, but practicing taking some “me-time” can help emotionally recharge ourselves so that we don’t burn out.

Positive List

Throughout the week create a positive list. Write down positive things people say about you to read later. When feeling discouraged, read through the positive list to help you feel better.

Practice Mindfulness

When we are stressed or anxious, our minds are living in the future and it’s easy to become disconnected from our present state. Practicing mindfulness includes having a non-judgemental awareness of the current moment.

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