Self Care Ideas for Psychological/Mental Health

Self Care isn’t a one time thing, self care is about regularly engaging in activities to keep your body functioning at your optimum level.

Here’s some Self Care Activities you can add to your Self Care Plan to maintain your Psychological/Mental Health.

Try a New Activity

Boost your brain by engaging in new activities. Studies show that by regularly exercising the mind by exploring new activities, you can boost your psychological health.


Reading on a regular basis can make you feel more mentally acute. Engaging your brain in reading, especially if it’s a topic you aren’t familiar with can help exercise the brain.

Take Another Route to Work/School

Taking another route challenges your brain into becoming more creative. By going a new route, you will get to see new things, think about different things, and create new connections.


Clearing a living space give a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel like you’re in control. Living in a clutter free environment causes you to live more efficiently as there aren’t additional items to cause you to stress.

Minimize Social Media

Engaging in social media can be a distraction for anxiety, however regularly engaging in social media can increase feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Browsing social media declines intellectual abilities because the pastime doesn’t provide the brain with adequate food for development. Minimize social media to enhance your overall mental health.


Find something you love to do, and do it at least once a week. Dance, watch a TV show, paint, or read to give your mental health a boost. Pursuing a hobby can boost your mental health and help you feel fulfilled.

Connect With Yourself

Take some time to check in with yourself. Think about the things that might be changing, or things that are slowly getting out of control. Connecting with yourself gives you opportunity to readjust your action plans, or try something new to boost your psychological health.

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