Fidget Spinners for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Without a doubt, fidget spinners are the new craze of 2017. While there are a number of fidget toys currently on the market, the fidget spinner has currently surpassed all other fidget toys in popularity.
Everyone is talking about it and Forbes has even put out an article about it stating that the fidget spinner is a “must have office toy for 2017”.
The fidget spinner has become so popular that some schools are starting to ban fidget spinners as they believe the toy could be a distraction during class.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A typical fidget spinner is a palm size gadget that has a two or three pronged design. In the center pad of the spinner is a bearing which rotates the spinner. The fidget spinner is held by the center pad while the toy spins.
The most common spinners are made out of plastic, however spinners can be made from other materials like stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, and aluminum.

Fidget Spinners And Health

Numerous publications and articles about the fidget spinner claims that the spinner benefits individuals with autism, ADHD, stress, and anxiety. Some individuals with ADHD need constant stimulation, so the fidget spinner occupies the need for stimulation so that the individual can concentrate their attention on what they need to focus on.
While there are benefits to the spinner, there hasn’t been enough scientific research whether or not spinners help individuals from a mental health standpoint.

Does the Fidget Spinner Cure Anxiety?

Individuals claim it calms minds, and it’s marketed as a stress reliever, so does it really work?
The fidget spinner is an excellent visual distraction and the sound of the spinning bearings occupies the mind and distracts you from obsessive thoughts.
The fidget spinner is successful in shifting the focus of your scattered thoughts, but it’s not a magical spinner that will cure your anxiety immediately.
However, because the spinner occupies the mind while spinning, it could be a short term distraction and one strategy to use to cope with anxiety on a daily basis.

Fidget spinners are currently in local toy stores, farmers markets, and on social media buy-and-sell groups. They are typically cheap and prices range from $2 to $15. Due to their extreme popularity, they can also be found on Amazon. Here’s a fidget spinner with an e-book that teaches different tricks you can do with fidget spinners.

I believe that while fidget spinners aren’t a long term solution to anxiety, I think it’s a fun inexpensive toy that’s worth a try. I’m always excited to try new things to temporarily distract my symptoms of anxiety. Here’s some long term tips on how to reduce daily stress and anxiety that might be of a help to you.

Do you own a fidget spinner for your anxiety? Is it effective in coping with your stress? Comment your thoughts below.


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  • Rebecca

    I’ve ordered one for my little boy. He is a fiddler so hoping this will help avoid meltdowns when in queues, waiting at doctors etc. I do agree with schools banning them in class for those who don’t need hem as it becomes a distraction for the wrong reasons haha.

  • Kaitlin

    I have never heard of these – I bet it would be good for my husband who has anxiety. I will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Deimante Baurinaite

    Wow never heard of this little gadget-toy. If it really does what it says then it’s an absolute bargain!! 🙂

    Deimante x

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