Mind Body Prescription

I’ve read many self-help books about Anxiety. A lot of books briefly touch on the subject of strategies, distraction techniques, and advice on exercises to improve your mood to reduce anxiety…advice which I’ve heard countless of times in the past.

However, I read this book called The Mind Body Prescription – Healing the Body, Healing the Pain. In this book, the author takes a different approach and gives deep insight how the mind is closely connected with the body and how the mind itself can often produce physical symptoms related to anxiety.

There are some reviews on this book on Amazon that says this book has “changed my life!” Personally this book didn’t change my life, but it has definitely been helpful in my personal journey to manage my anxiety as I am now extremely aware of how much anxiety I produce internally through my mind, and how little of my anxiety is caused by external situations.

If you’ve read this book, or have any other anxiety book recommendations, let me know!


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