Things I Wish Other People Knew About Anxiety

  • Even though I don’t show it, I’m always feeling some degree of uneasiness.
  • Fatigue is constant. I’m exhausted all the time.
  • Making immediate decisions are difficult.
  • If you want to ask me to do something, I’d like to know well in advance so I can mentally prepare myself.
  • I don’t cope well with sudden change of plans.
  • Most times anxiety keeps me from enjoying things as much as I should.
  • I over analyze situations because I’m scared of what will happen if I’m not ready for it.
  • It’s difficult to explain what’s going on in my mind because I don’t even understand it myself.
  • Fear of a panic attack produces anxious thoughts, anxious thoughts bring on anxiety which turn into a panic attack–the vicious cycle continues.
  • It might seem irrational to you, but what I’m anxious about is very real for me.
  • I worry my anxiety will hinder me from becoming the person I want to become.

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  • Linda Memphis

    A great post. I think explaining what it’s actually like to have anxiety, from your perspective, provides others with great insight.

  • Amanda Ripsam

    I also have anxiety and I get anxious often usually in social settings. Finding a outlet like blogging has done wonders to push me outside of my comfy comfort zone.

  • Msmamabean

    Thanks for showing “anxiety” is a real thing, so many people don’t understand what it is and just brush it under the carpet.

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