Art of Kintsugi – Perfectly Imperfect

There is an art form in Japanese culture called “Kintsugi”. The literal translation of the word mean “golden rejoining”.

Ceramic pottery that has been broken is not discarded, but instead the pieces of pottery are repaired in a unique fashion.

The Art of Kintsugi bonds the broken pieces back together with lacquer, highlighting the cracks with gold. Kintsugi treats the pieces of broken pottery as the object’s past, rather than a flaw to disguise.

The technique behind this art form is recognizing the history of the object, repairing, and producing a masterpiece that’s even more beautiful than the original.

A lot of times we try to hide our flaws and conceal our “broken” damaged self to others, but we should learn to embrace the imperfect and let it become a unique part of our past.

Find value in the cracks and chips of your life. Revel in the experiences that shatter you. Turn your breaking into beautiful masterpieces.

The broken pieces of your life have made you who you are, so own it proudly!

Learn the Art of Kintsugi by creating your own perfectly imperfect masterpiece!

There are Kintsugi Repair Kits online with step-by-step instructional videos so that you, too, can create your own masterpieces.

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  • I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds really interesting. It’s a creative and more eco friendly way to keep items. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have never heard this before. I think it’s so interesting and a nice way to look at anything, looking past the broken pieces or cracks.

  • Christie Moeller

    What a beautiful form of art and life philosophy!

    xoxo Christie

  • Kristian

    I saw and article on this a few weeks ago. It is so beautiful and meaningful to me as I go through a difficult time in my life. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Wow! Very cool! I would have thought they would just toss them like I do whenever something gets a crack or chip on it.

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