Anxiety is…

Anxiety is rehearsing phone calls before dialing the phone.

Anxiety is thinking everyone is watching and judging you.

Anxiety is your brain shouting “Stop thinking anxious, irrational thoughts. Be normal!”

Anxiety is the constant worry you have about your relatives.

Anxiety is panic when someone doesn’t answer a text immediately.

Anxiety is fear of screwing up something you’ve done successfully many times before.

Anxiety is not sleeping well unless in your own bed.

Anxiety is belittling yourself for getting anxious over nothing.

Anxiety is panicking about the “what ifs” of future events.

Anxiety is achy muscles because you’re constantly tensed.

Anxiety is not being able to sleep because you’re playing out the next day’s activities to see what could go wrong and how to fix it.

Anxiety is planning what time to be home on the weekend even before heading out.

Anxiety is fear of being stuck in the moments of sadness and frustration.

Anxiety is being sad when you’re happy, because you know the happiness will end and you’ll be sad again.

Anxiety is being scared of being the real you.

Anxiety is feeling like you don’t have control.

Anxiety is worrying friends don’t like you anymore.

Anxiety is fearing your fears.

Anxiety is lying on the floor doing nothing, letting your brain race on with out you.

Anxiety is getting stressed about things people wouldn’t normally stress about.

Anxiety is getting annoyed too easily.

Anxiety is not liking surprises.

Anxiety is feeling like you’re not good enough.

Anxiety is feeling alone in the middle of a group of friends.

Anxiety is being exhausted even after sleeping 10 hours the night before.

Anxiety is being scared of failing, but expecting failure anyways.

Anxiety is apologizing constantly.

Anxiety is feeling like you don’t deserve what you have.

Anxiety is frustrating…

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  • Shelby @Fitasamamabear

    Anxiety is feeling overwhelmed by simple things. I`d say the list is pretty spot on.

  • Kaitlin

    I don’t really think of myself as an anxious person but after reading this, I guess I am!

  • Pat Hartley

    For me anxiety , and worry , I have come to realize is a habit, from growing up around dysfunctional unhealthy, imperfect adults and mistakenly seeking reassurance , and acceptance from them , this led to a habit of blaming myself when others couldn’t take care of themselves or love themselves. I felt disconnected , that was not my reality , or my experience. Since then I’ve learned that my reality, my life is based on what is true, but my experience is based on what i believe. For centuries believed the world was flat, that didn’t make it true. This feeling disconnection was based on my limited perception. It became a habit, luckily I met people that challenged those beliefs, and I am connected , I am whole , and I am a soul, just like everyone else. Now I just have to find healthier habits , because whatever I practice I get good at. So I practice gratitude , and forgiveness when I can, and release worry and anxiety , its mostly an illusion of the ego from what I’ve learned. thanks for your blog, and for listening 🙂

  • Ariel Sahar

    I had suspicions that I’m anxious, but this list confirms it.

  • Anxiety can feel crippling at best sometimes.

  • Anxiety keeps me from accomplishing so much!

  • Sarahi Cardenas

    Anxiety is to have been raised with the mentality that you should be thin and never be able to like your reflexion.


  • This is such a good point of view… there’s a lot of anxiety in our lives, and many get lost in it…. thanks for inspiring

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