Anxiety And Feeling Vulnerable

One of the things I constantly struggle with is telling others about my anxiety and the daily battle of my anxious thoughts. Opening up about my personal struggles exposes me to the judgment of others and the feeling of being vulnerable by exposing my struggle is scary.

Vulnerability rises when I share details of what triggers my anxiety. I fear that my sharing might cause disapproval of what trivial situations triggers my anxious thoughts. I feel that others might look down on me when I tell them I get anxious for no reason whatsoever. I also think that others might think less of me because of my silent struggle.

Along with feeling open and vulnerable about my struggle, sometimes I feel shame about sharing what I need in order to cope with my daily thoughts. As adults, it’s considered a virtue to be strong and self-reliant. Evoking need is sometimes synonymous with appearing weak. Mentioning the things that I need in order to mentally function can bring on a sense of being needy or feeling like a burden to others.

In some cases, I avoid mentioning I am having anxiety. Anxiety is a complex battle and is difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t suffer from it. Sometimes when I do open up, people immediately try to “cure” my anxiety, or think of my battle as a problem that they feel personally responsible to solve.

It’s much easier to shy away from letting others know the circumstances that causes my stress and anxiety, but it’s a huge accomplishment when I DO let others know about my anxiety. Having family and friends who understand what I’m going through and are available to lend a listening ear if I need it is extremely reassuring.

Having a support team who’s there for you can help you manage the struggle of your anxious thoughts. If you have any tips on conquering the fear of feeling vulnerable, let me know in the comments.

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  • I so relate to this! I’ve never put it into words before, but I definitely feel the most vulnerable during a panic attack. All my emotions are raw and out there, which is usually why I go hide if I feel an attack coming on.

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