Music For Anxiety And Depression

There are many ways to reduce stress and anxiety. One of the techniques mentioned was listening to music. Music helps by occupying the mind, and helps explore the emotions we can feel. It also helps absorb attention and distracts us from unwanted thoughts.

Sound therapy has been used throughout the ages as a relaxation method to enhance well-being and to help restore one’s health.
Music with carefully arranged rhythms, harmonies, and bass lines helps by reducing blood pressure, slows the listener’s heart rate, and lowered the levels of cortisol (which is the stress hormone). Peaceful “New Age” music initiates the relaxation response in individuals. This type of music is typically heard in spas or massage parlors.

Neuroscientists in the UK conducted a study and found that individuals listening to this one particular New Age song called “Weightless” reduced the stress in individuals by 65%. That’s quite remarkable!

Slow classical music or instrumental music also has a positive effect on our physiology as well. Classical music has been shown to increase concentration while studying and helps cure insomnia if anxiety makes it difficult to fall asleep at night.
New Age and Classical Music are two music genres that typically help in relieving anxiety and depression, but there are many other music genres that can assist in anxiety relief.

Some people find relief in listening to Heavy Rock n’ Roll and singing or shouting along to release stress. Others find relaxation in listening to the laid back Country Music tunes. Music with melodic flow and progression such as Enya are used by individuals as it helps them work through their difficult emotions. For me personally, I listen to Electronic Dance Music as I find that EDM shushes my anxious thoughts.

Some stressed out people don’t like the idea of listening to any music whatsoever while they are feeling anxious as they feel like music will disorient their mind. However, I encourage you to find the type of music that personally works for easing your anxious mind. You might be surprised at how much music can make a difference in calming your anxiety.

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