20 Things I’ve Learned from Having Anxiety

  1. I need more sleep than normal to function.
  2. Even though I love coffee, caffeine will make me extra jittery and produce anxiety.
  3. Decompression after a busy weekend is important.
  4. Sometimes getting out of bed is difficult, but if I’ve gotten out of bed in the morning, I’m doing better off than some people.
  5. Anxiety is complicated. I don’t expect family and friends to understand exactly what I’m going through.
  6. I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help if I feel overwhelmed.
  7. People don’t care if I don’t attend every social function because I had anxiety.
  8. Keep active! My idle mind can produce anxious thoughts if I’m still.
  9. Alcohol can temporarily relieve anxiety, but it’s not a permanent fix and will do more harm than good.
  10. Recognize thoughts that are negative, and counteract with positive thoughts.
  11. Most people aren’t bothered that I have anxiety, so I shouldn’t care about what they think.
  12. I shouldn’t to compare myself to others. Nothing good comes from comparing.
  13. Anxiety is like a headache. Nobody will know I’m in pain till I tell them.
  14. Thinking too far in advance and coming up with solutions to hypothetical problems are a waste of time.
  15. Maybe I’ll become “normal” again one day, but maybe not.
  16. I will have good days, and then I’ll have bad days. I’ve learned not to dwell on the bad days and let that ruin a good day.
  17. Having patience is crucial to managing stressful situations.
  18. Worrying unnecessarily won’t solve anything.
  19. Even thought I think negative thoughts, I don’t let those thoughts overwhelm me.
  20. I’ve learned to become ok with the person I’ve become.

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